Vitrine du quartier

Your advertising sent for FREE in 10 000 household, that is 23 800 potential customers, more than the entire Bell Centre during a hockey game!

Pay only printing at a preferential rate, 2 times cheaper than a business card.
Hurry, places are limited!

Advertise 2 times cheaper than a business card

You pay 40$ for 500 business cards that will serve you for months to distribute for 0.08$ each.
With us you can reach 23 800 potential customers (2.38 persons over 15 years per household)  and much more through Facebook, in a few days for only $ 0.04 each.
Forget Facebook that will charge you up to 0.50$ per click on your ad.

magasin01 “La vitrine du quartier” (The showcase of the neighborhood) is a personalized promotional brochure
included with on the top and big sector name, which gives a special attraction to people and makes them
want to read it all to enjoy what is around them.
Real potential customers as they reside or visit the area when they take advertising.
Immediate incentive to come to you because they are close to you with the brochure in his hands.
Your money is used optimally. Remember that a small or medium business successful investing 3-6% of its turnover on advertising. Larger invest 15% to 55%.
This is not an expense but an investment. 3% of a turnover of 80 000$ is 2 400$.

Each big store offers in its entry a circular to showcase its products, this is the showcase. We consider your neighborhood as the big store and you as products put forward!
Our brochure is a showcase, a circular of what you can find in the neighborhood, so you have absolutely be there!

70% of Quebecois make their purchase within less than five kilometers from their home.

beauty-salonVery often the merchants hear a new customer to tell them that this is the first time he comes as he lives in the neighborhood for years. If you rely more new residents who moved and those who do not pass by your business as they live 2 blocks away, you’re missing a huge number of potential customers.
In addition, your new or promotions inform your clients that you know to keep them coming back.
Loyalty of a client is as profitable as acquire a new one. You have to give them want to come back with us.

logo We will put an ad for a prize of 100$ to be won per someone who will Like image of brochure on the Facebook page of your neighborhood.
So it will generate greater visibility for you because all their friends will see the photo they likeed and therefore your ad.

There is no competition between the ads, otherwise it would be like not wanting to enter his restaurant in a guide that lists restaurants by the pretext that there are other restaurants, which would be a very big mistake.
But if you wish and if possible, we can give you an exclusive.

Comparative table of different offers of competitors with printing included:

For example, the newspaper is received of 90% but only 60% of Quebecers read the local newspaper and only a small percentage will stop in your ad. At the end, in the 90% there is only 15% who read our ad.


“On average, we achieved a 7% higher margin with the Unaddressed AdmailTM (now Neighbourhood MailTM) service than we did when using other methods of flyer distribution.”
Chris Styan, Director of Marketing, M&M Meat Shops / source

bureau2Combining email and Direct Mail maximizes customer response rate and revenue from existing customers.

“The response rate from customers who received a flyer and an email was more than 6 times higher than that from customers who received an email only.”
Dwayne McMulkin, Marketing Manager, / source


Well over half of coupons redeemed were from brand new customers, which tells us that the Unaddressed Admail (now Neighbourhood Mail™) service is an extremely effective channel for customer acquisition.
Susan Rodgers, Director of Marketing, Pier 1 Imports / source

Local 3 800$ → 299$ and FREE distribution

5 000 to 10 000 copies strategically distributed for FREE in your area, placed in a display in each commerce participant in several locations partners such as banks, SAQ, billboards, buildings and all places where flyers are authorized. It is not in a bag or an envelope with other commercials.
13 times less expensive than a comparable distribution that is 3 800$ (38¢ each for 10,000 copies : Only 299$ with us and with better result!
Reaches 100% of the people to whom the brochure is distributed because it is they who decide to take it and read it, no loss. It is 7 times more than ads in the local newspaper.
15,000 potential customers because at least half of the sheets will be shared with another person or taken home for others in the household.

Direct Mail 3 800$ → 489$ and FREE sending in 10,000 households !


10 000 copies distributed by Canada Post, the only ones with access to all mailboxes.
With us, you only pay for printing, we take care of shipping.
They are not in a bag or an envelope with other pubs, they are directly visible.
8 times less expensive than a single distribution that would cost you 3 800$ (38¢ each for 10,000 copies : Only 489$ with us!
Reaches 6 times more people than ads in the local newspaper.
Your ads are visible directly and not embedded among others!
20,230 potential customers because there are 2.38 people over 15 years per household.

Centre-BellWe see on the internet a war of numbers, who will have the most fans or views, but these numbers are very often biased compared to reality and what they represent.
Often million, it make us believe that to succeed we must reach hundreds of thousands of people but it is absolutely not the case, much less a necessity if you are a small business neighborhood.
We see often that propose to touch 10,000 households with 23,800 people not impresses as a few years ago.
We must be realistic, imaging this number and note that during a hockey game at the Bell Centre, there are 21 000 people.
So instead of thinking touching 23 800 people, imagine yourself touching the Bell Centre and more filled during a match, and that each person can have your ad in hand, it’s huge!

You can choose to place your ad in one or more areas in the map below.
We are constantly evolving, so even if your neighborhood is not in the map, please contact us.

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