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SEO optimizes your internet visibility and improve your ranking in the results of search engines like Google.
He may be a natural way (Base plan) optimizing your website for it to be better analyzed and ranked by search engines, but also active way (Plus plan) by manually working to make your site more visible and it will improve its position in searches.




Competitive analysis.. X X X
Research and keyword insertion. X X  X
Improving the structure of your website with technical optimization. X X X
Optimizing your content, your texts for search engines. X X
Placing advertising according to the budget you want. X X
Configure Facebook and Google+ with connection to your website.  X X
Search for a partner to know your business and have it appear on various other websites. X
Popularize your products through blogs, forums, … X

115% off on SEO packages
with purchase of creating your site.

195$ CAD
One time fee
495$ CAD
One time fee +
advertising cost from 5$ per day
On demand

Beware of those who promise too much, using hundreds of referrals that are automated but very risky.
We do not do this kind of operations deemed illegal by search engines might ban you from their index and then you will not exist on Google for example. Return on Google will be very long and difficult.
All our operations are manual and without any risk.

Do not forget to add a service of community management to improve your visibility on social media if desired.