The success of your advertising campaign requires a good message but especially with high visibility.

In order to promote your business or your product, it is important to increase the number of people reached.
An advertising message how well designed it is, if it is not seen by a large number of people will have no success.
Traditional methods in the most effective media such as television or billboard cost several thousand dollars or even tens of thousands.

But even with few financial resources, the result can be spectacular with good choices, strategic and optimal investments.
However, it will require more diligence, professional expertise and a large network of contacts.
It is at this level that we are the solution to broadcast on the Internet with to social media, targeted ads and blogs.
Indeed, through our network of influencers such as bloggers who are persons followed by a community of Internet, we can place you in the foreground to reach more people.

Do not give too much hope on your personal success with your work in social media or blog because the reality is different.
Except to have the rare chance to be named for free by a journalist in an article for example, the vast majority of influencers are paid to write in their blog or a product to their social networks.

We offer several services


Targeted advertisements in internets and blogs.
Elles ont un meilleur rendement car nous choisissons leur placement pour toucher votre publique cible dans des sites de votre domaine d’activité qui intéresseront donc les visiteurs.

Sponsored posts.
An article posted on a blog by someone who has the confidence of its many readers is an incredible opportunity.
With us no need luck, we propose you the publication of an article in blogs from the largest network of bloggers in Canada.
We will choose the most influential that best match your industry.
But we do not are influencing the opinion of the blogger’s, opinion is based on his honest opinion.
Moreover, these blogs are almost always connected to social networks, so you will increasingly a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, …

Sponsored conversations.
This is to involve influencers in your conversations or published on social media to increase the reach of your message across to more people.
Involve influencers will affect their community. So you can reach people targeted by category, interest, activity or geographically.
We are ourselves involved as influencer neighborhood with several pages that affect people targeted geographically.


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